Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Coolest New Outdoor Gear
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Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Coolest New Outdoor Gear

Apr 30, 2023

Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to get dad something he’ll use when getting out and about this summer. Looking for ideas? Here are some of our favorite new gear junkie offerings:

The Argali Absaroka can be used with a small, lightweight titanium stove to warm up chilly nights ... [+] under the stars.

Argali ‘Hot Tent’

The Argali Absaroka ($395) looks just like a typical backpacking tent. But inside is a secret: the ability to install a small, lightweight titanium stove ($435). Together, they weight less than 5 pounds, making the pair easy to carry long distances. Aside from the novelty and cool-factor of having a stove inside your tent, there is a very practical use for those that enjoy camping in the fall, winter, or early spring.

Lifesaver Wayfarer Water Purifier

If your Dad spends a lot of time outside, a state of the art water filter is a great way to keep him happy and hydrated. Lifesaver's newest water purifier, The Wayfarer ($105), uses a hollow fiber membrane technology to trap contaminates and provide clean, fresh drinking water. Its pump-style action showcases its power, purging more than a liter of water per minute, and its ligthweight design (11.2 oz) means it will hardly be noticed in transit.

OnX Backcountry App Subscription

Is your Dad milking his favorite camping spots for all their worth? Give him a fresh perspective and complete access to all the camping spots near and far with a subscription to the OnX Backcountry App. Traditionally used for hunting and backcountry skiing, OnX now offers a full summer mode that showcases hikes and campsites, both regulated and dispersed. The GPS tracker stays with you, even when you’re out of cell service, allowing for the mapping of routes and the saving of your favorite spots. With plans starting at just $30 per year, OnX is a huge bang for buck that can be enjoyed in all seasons.

The Zoom Tube is an easy-to-carry, high functioning binocular.

The Zoom Tube

Binoculars are a wonderful tool to have in the wilderness. Whether you want to spot birds, have a peek at the top of tall canyons, or gaze across open plains, a good pair of binoculars can go a long way. However, they can also be bulky, heavy, and, well, a bit dorky... so what's a guy to do? The new Zoom Tube from Nocs Provisions ($75) aims to solve some of the problems. Super compact, it can fit in your pocket or hook to the strap of your pack, making it easy to have available without weighing you down. Available in a variety of colors and coming with a lifetime warranty, the Zoom Tube is a great addition to any outdoor kit.

The Gila Pro LS Hoodie protects from the elements while being lightweight and breathable.

Gila PRO LS Hoodie

If your Dad tends to dress, well, like a dad, you can easily up his cool factor with a Gila hoodie ($99). The Gila PRO LS Hoodie features a built-in neck gaiter, chest pocket, underarm venting, and highly durable Cool-Touch fabric that can be worn in a variety of situations, from a casual hike to a fishing trip to a full on hunt.

Oyster Tempo ‘No Ice’ Cooler

Coolers have come a long way in terms of how long they can keep ice from melting in the hot sun, but now one company is looking to get rid of the ice altogether. The Oyster Tempo ($500) is a top-of-the-line cooler that does not require ice, using vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold (drinks must already be cold when put into the cooler). This means more space in the cooler (ice takes up a lot of space), no watery mess at the end of the day, and a lighter cooler overall. If your pops likes his cold drinks away from home, this could be a cool gift.

The tried and true Leatherman is a wonderful gift that will last for many years to come and be ... [+] useful in a variety of situations.

Leatherman Wave+

The tried and true Leatherman multi-purpose knife is a wonderful gift that will last for many years to come and be a game-changer in a variety of situations. The latest version, the Wave+, has 18 unique tools that will be useful both at home in the garage and out in the woods while fishing, hiking, camping, or hunting. With a 25-year warranty, you can feel good about your purchase, knowing it will be dad's counterpart for a long time.

A dry bag can be used all year around, whether on the river or out in the woods.

Sea to Summit Dry Bags

If your dad plays outside a lot, chances are he ends up hiking in the rain or floating down the river. Sea to Summit has a lineup of dry bags (starting at $40) that keeps personal items safe and dry in everything from light rain to full submersion. Cameras, cell phones, and even sleeping bags can be stuffed inside when needed; these waterproof bags can be a lifesaver when the weather turns or the boat flips.

Argali ‘Hot Tent’ Lifesaver Wayfarer Water Purifier OnX Backcountry App Subscription The Zoom Tube Gila PRO LS Hoodie Oyster Tempo ‘No Ice’ Cooler Leatherman Wave+ Sea to Summit Dry Bags