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Waterman Racing Components High

Jul 04, 2023

Waterman Racing Components, the premier manufacturer of racing fuel systems and accessories, has introduced its all-new High-Flow Canister-Style Fuel Filter to provide effective fuel filtration at 40 GPM with minimal pressure drop while minimizing its physical footprint.

In-line fuel filters are effective, but as flow rates climb, filter length must increase, becoming a limiting factor. This all-new canister-style filter provides maximum flow while minimizing size. While this filter was designed and engineered specifically to pair with Waterman Racing High-Flow Mechanical Fuel Pumps, it is purpose-built to allow extremely high flow rates with minimal pressure loss for any fuel system. The canister-style housing provides a vertical filter mount to ease mounting in tight engine bays while maintaining a large element surface area for extreme flow capability.

The all-new Waterman Racing Components High-Flow Canister-Style Fuel Filter is available with a 10-micron filter element (Part# 42335), a 40-micron filter element (Part# 42336) or a 100-micron filter element (Part# 42337).

The filter features two AN-12 inlet ports for driver or passenger-side mounting and a center outlet to reduce plumbing difficulties. The screw-on canister has a 1 1/2-inch machined hex for easy filter inspection and replacement. 5/16-18 threaded holes on the base allow for easy installation on motor plates or chassis.

Designed in-house at Waterman Racing Components, the new High-Flow Canister-Style Fuel Filter is now available for purchase. For more information on it or other products from Waterman Racing Components, visit www.Aeromotiveinc.com/product-category/waterman/