Random sh*t on Amazon that's so cheap & clever you'll wish you had it sooner
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Random sh*t on Amazon that's so cheap & clever you'll wish you had it sooner

Jul 21, 2023

Better late than never, right?

If you’re scanning Amazon in your free time — with no particular items on your shopping list — you might come across some random stuff. I’m talking about the products that cause you to stop scrolling for a minute because you’re staring at the descriptions in bewilderment and thinking, "Why didn't I buy these already?" You know, the clever things that stand out.

Luckily for everybody reading this, I’ve put together a list of those kinds of products, and they’re incredibly cheap. From fruit-infuser water bottles to Bluetooth keyboards, I’ve made sure to include a little something for everyone.

But if you want to see more? Then you’ll just have to keep scrolling.

Whether you’re traveling or relaxing at home, this nail polish holder can help prevent spills. Simply slip it onto your fingers, then insert your polish bottle into the top. As long as you don't flip your hand upside-down, you can rest assured that the bottle won't spill — and you even have the choice of more than 20 fun colors.

Unlike some beauty sponges, these ones don't contain any latex, making them suitable for use on sensitive skin. You can also use them wet or dry depending on the look you’re going for — and they easily rinse clean under running water when dirty. The best part? Each order comes packaged in a cute cardboard container, just like a set of real eggs.

Tired of wiping beard trimmings out of your sink? Not a problem when you have this bib. Two suction cups attach to your mirror, spreading the bib out in front of you so that it can catch all those loose hairs once they fall downwards. And since the fabric is super-slick, the trimmings easily slide off and into a trashcan once you’re ready to empty it out.

If you aren't a fan of drinking plain water, consider staying hydrated with this infuser bottle. Just fill the infusion core with your favorite blend of fresh fruits, and their flavors will gradually seep out, giving your water a delicious taste. Plus, there's even a nonslip grip on the side to help you keep a firm handle when sipping at the gym.

Not only do these wine glasses come with matching leak-resistant lids, but each one is also made from tough stainless steel that won't rust over time. But if that isn't enough? They’re also double-wall insulated, which helps keep your reds and whites at their ideal temperature for a longer period of time than traditional glassware.

The cost of buying pre-made cold brew from the store quickly adds up, so why not make your own at home using this pitcher? It comes with a reusable stainless steel filter, and its flip-cap lid helps prevent spills inside your fridge. Or, if you aren't into cold brew, you can also use it to make a fresh batch of tea.

You don't have to eat indoors just because the sun has gone down — just add this LED light to your patio umbrella. The center clamp expands to fit umbrella poles of nearly any size, and it’ll even run for up to 75 hours using just three AA batteries (which are not included).

Letting your bars of soap sit in a puddle of water will cause them to deteriorate faster, so why not grab these soap dishes? Raised slats in the center lift your bars away from pooling water, while a channel in the front lets that water drain away into your sink. Plus, the silicone material easily wipes clean with a damp cloth when dirty.

Using a regular sponge on your cast iron cookware can ruin that layer of seasoning you’ve built up — instead, use this chainmail scrubber. It gently removes all that baked-on crud, yet won't scrape away the seasoning. And since it's made from stainless steel, there's no need to worry about it rusting over time.

Drinking from a straight straw can be a little tricky when you’re using a tumbler — luckily, these straws feature angled tips that make it easy to sip. They’re also reusable and come with a pipette brush to help you clean them from the inside out.

Designed to fit pet food cans that are 3 ounces in size, this organizer is a smart way to help maximize cabinet space. There's enough space to hold up to two weeks’ worth of food, making it easy to give food to kennels, or even your friend who offered to watch your pet while you’re traveling. And if your pet eats cans of food larger than 3 ounces? It's also available in a 5.5-ounce size.

Whether your legs or arms are feeling sore, this roller stick might be able to help. The seven rollers all move individually, helping prevent hair from getting caught when you’re using it — and the nonslip handles make it easy to keep a firm grip. Plus, its compact size makes taking it with you to the gym a total breeze.

Side sleepers can appreciate this knee pillow, as it helps keep your spine aligned while you’re lying down, which can lead to less back pain. The cover is also removable — just in case you need to wash it — and the foam filling even contours to the shape of your knees for added comfort.

Tired of cleaning up drips on your counters? Then let this spooky witch hold onto your stirrer for you. The figure sits on the edge of your pot, allowing any drips to fall right inside. And since it's made from heat-resistant silicone, there's no need to worry about it melting.

Whether you’re having trouble opening pickle jars or a bottle of nail polish, this opener can help. It's designed to work with lids of nearly any size, as the strong metal teeth provide a firm grip that gets them open with a gentle twist. The best part? It stays hidden underneath your cabinets until you need it, and comes with peel-and-stick adhesive for easy installation.

Not only are these cloud slides incredibly on trend but they’re also made with soft EVA soles that help cushion your joints as you move. The textured bottoms also provide some extra grip, helping keep you safe if you decide to wear them in the shower — and you even have the choice of four colors: pink, black, green, or grey.

Available sizes: 6 Women / 5 Men — 12.5 Women / 10.5 Men

Dab this cream underneath your eyes, and it can help soothe away inflammation so that you’re left looking refreshed and awake. It's formulated with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that work together to moisturize any dry spots, while guava extract helps brighten skin. But if that isn't enough? Its small size makes it perfect for taking with you on vacation.

There's nothing wrong with having pet hair on your floors, though if you’d like to keep it to a minimum? Give your pets a good once-over with this brush every week. Its silicone bristles provide a gentle massage as they de-shed your pet — and there's even a removable screen that makes it easy to clean out once you’re finished.

With a lightweight formula, this setting powder is a smart choice for anyone trying to get their foundation to look as natural as possible. Unlike some powders, this one won't flashback in photos — and you even have six shades to choose from, making it suitable for a variety of skin tones.

You wash your hands all the time, but when was the last time you washed the pump on your soap dispenser? Enter: this touchless version that helps keep your hands clean. The reservoir inside holds enough soap for up to 1,400 washes, and you can even adjust the soap output by up to five levels. Just provide four of your own AA batteries and it's ready to work.

If you’re a cat person, you’ll definitely want to check out these hand towels. They’re designed to look like colorful cats and hang over your towel rod using two little paws in the front. Plus, the absorbent polyester fabric makes them just as adorable as they are absorptive.

Don't get your hands messy when removing yolks from whites — just let this separator do the work for you. Simply squeeze it overtop the yolk, and it’ll suck it up into its body so that you can easily dump it out into the trash, or repurpose it as needed. Plus, the nonstick interior makes for easy cleaning.

If your nightstand is on the smaller side, this lamp features a compact base that takes up very little space. It also features two USB ports in the back so that you can charge your phone while you sleep — and a few taps on the base is all it takes to dim the bulb by up to three levels.

Not only is this handheld fan great for keeping cool while you’re on the go, but its rechargeable battery also lasts for up to 21 hours before you need to plug it in. But if that isn't enough? You can even use it as an external power bank if needed — just in case your phone dies.

Unlike the giant waffle makers you’ve likely seen before, this miniature version only weighs 1 pound, making it great for cramped kitchens, RVs, dorm rooms, and more. Its nonstick plates won't latch onto your food — and if you aren't into waffles, you can also use it to make biscuit pizzas, hash browns, cookies, and more.

Whether your nails are dry, brittle, or chipping away, this cream may be able to help. It's formulated with calcium and jojoba oil, which work together to help strengthen weak nails as well as hydrate your cuticles. Plus, the lightweight coconut scent is a refreshing touch.

With an extra-wide mouth that allows for easy filling, this shaker is a must-have for anyone who likes making their own salad dressing. The screw-top lid is leakproof, helping keep your fridge safe from spills — and the one-handed open/close top allows for easy pouring.

Instead of always buying new notebooks, why not save some money and upgrade to this smart one? It allows you to upload your hand-written notes to iCloud, Slack, Google Drive, and more. And since the pages wipe clean, you can easily reuse them as many times as you like.

This electric can opener doesn't require any twisting or pulling. Simply latch it onto the top of nearly any can, and it’ll slice along the side of the lid. The result? It shouldn't create any sharp edges, and it only needs four AA batteries — which are not included — to work.

Attach one of these dip clips to an air vent in your car, and you’ll instantly have a convenient place to dip your nuggets and fries when eating on the go. But if that isn't enough? The ramekin is shaped to fit nearly any condiment container from the most popular fast food restaurants, including Chick-Fil-A, McDonald's, and more.

Make sure to pack this set of utensils for your next camping trip — unless you want to get stuck eating with your hands. Each piece is made from sleek aluminum that's both lightweight as well as durable. And since they’re magnetic, they’ll even take up less space inside your bag than regular cutlery.

Always losing your drink at parties? These markers are designed to write on glass, making it easy to keep track of which glass belongs to who. Each order comes with eight different colors — and the ink washes away without much scrubbing once the party is over.

Whether you’re making pancakes, waffles, or anything in between, this dispenser can help you cook and mix the batter with minimal mess. A blender ball on the inside helps break up clumps, while the silicone spout allows for accurate pouring. Plus, the base doubles as a stand when you’re filling it up with batter.

That foam drink cooler you’ve been using does an alright job at keeping your cans cold — but this vacuum-insulated one can help keep drinks chilled for hours longer. The best part? It's designed to work with cans as well as bottles, and there's even a built-in bottle opener for your convenience.

Instead of storing your plastic baggies in the crummy box they came in, why not transfer them into these organizers? They’re designed to fit nearly any baggie, from snack- to gallon-sized ones — all while nonslip feet on the bottom help keep them from shifting around inside your drawers.

Biodegradable, dye-free, and vegan — these laundry detergent sheets hit all the right notes. They’re an eco-friendly pick for people with sensitive skin, and each order comes with enough sheets for up to 100 loads of laundry. Or, if you’re doing a smaller load, you can also rip the sheet in half.

Not only can this Bluetooth keyboard fold in half, but it's also small enough to fit inside your pocket or backpack. You can use it with a variety of devices — including tablets, laptops, smartphones, and more — and each order even includes a stand to prop your phone up while you’re typing.

Whether you’re looking for ways to protect your coffee table or simply a fan of classic vinyl, these coasters are right up your alley. The rubber backing helps protect your surfaces from water marks and scratches, while the colorful labels make them a fun addition to any living or dining room.

You don't have to hold that book open with two hands — just slip this page holder onto your thumb and it’ll do the work for you. It's made from natural walnut wood, making it look way nicer than comparable plastic versions. And with five sizes to choose from, people with hands both large and small shouldn't have any problem using it.

There's no drilling required when adding this headphone hook to your desk, as a built-in clamp makes it easy to attach to desks of nearly any thickness. A built-in cable loop helps keep headphone cables from dragging on the floor — and since the headphone arm rotates, you can swing it underneath your desk for discrete storage if desired.

With 33 different light effects and eight soothing white noises, this galaxy light projector is a must-have when you’re trying to relax after a long day. Each order includes a remote so that you can control it without getting out of bed — and there's even a built-in Bluetooth speaker you can use to play your own music if preferred.

Not only is this cat hammock suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use, but its elevated design also lets air circulate underneath to help keep your kitty from overheating. And if that isn't enough? You also have the choice of three colors: gray, black, or pink.

You don't have to hold your phone up for that entire flight — just use this mount to clip it to the tray table in front of you. It's designed to work with nearly any phone, while dual joints let you adjust the viewing angle up to 360 degrees. Plus, the compact size takes up hardly any space in your carry-on bag.

Don't snap that selfie before you put this ring light on your phone. Three light temperatures (cold, natural, and warm) give you options when trying to find the best lighting possible — and you can even adjust the brightness by up to five levels. Plus, the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 2.5 hours before needing to be plugged in again.

With a little sparkle and a hydrating formula, this lip balm helps moisturize chapped lips while also giving you a touch of glam that's suitable for everyday wear. The best part? It changes color depending on your skin's pH level, which means that the color will be completely unique to you.