Review: Cadence’s Travel Toiletry Containers Are a Joy to Use
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Review: Cadence’s Travel Toiletry Containers Are a Joy to Use

May 08, 2023

Senior Editor

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There's nothing quite like the head-clearing, scenery-changing benefits of a short trip—even if you’re taking off for work. But if you have a grooming routine that's even slightly more complex than "basic maintenance," packing for one of these jaunts can be a hassle, especially if you’re not traveling long enough to check a bag.

Over the past three months, I’ve had four such trips (two professional, two personal), all less than a week long, all rewarding and exhausting in their own ways. And one of the things I’m putting in the W column from this jet-setting period is finding Cadence, a company that makes travel toiletry cases unlike most of what's on the market.

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Instead of flimsy plastic bottles you find at most drugstores (or their squishy silicone alternatives), Cadence offers what are billed as leakproof, modular, magnetic, and sturdy travel-sized cases designed to save space in your Dopp kit. They’re hexagonal and made from recycled plastic, and their lids screw on with a satisfying security: I haven't had anything leak out yet. And don't worry about getting the contents confused: each set comes with a customizable packet of pre-labeled tiles to help you keep track of what's inside each container.

Last month, the company updated its range with an extender that allows you to bring a larger quantity of your essential cleansers or lotions with you should you so choose. And the mouths of each container are wide enough that I’ve had no trouble decanting anything into them—an attribute Cadence's vibe-forward social media pages demonstrate with some frequency.

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Perhaps what I like most is how adaptable these cases are: You can use one to tote your nighttime moisturizer for a long weekend, wash it out when you return from the trip, change its label, and use it for multivitamins or even jewelry on your next jaunt. My one gripe is that there are some staples of a grooming routine (serums, say, and even some cleansers), that really want to be dispensed with a pump instead of dipping your fingers into the same container repeatedly. And as soon as the brilliant minds at Cadence figure out how to add such a mechanism to these products, they’ll have outdone virtually every other maker on the market.