API685 Bb4 Multistage Magnetic Pump
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API685 Bb4 Multistage Magnetic Pump

API685 Bb4 Multistage Magnetic Pump

Product introduction API685 Bb4 Multistage Magnetic PumpMultistage, single suction, between-bearings.*Foot-mounted struc
Basic Info
Max.Head >150m
Max.Capacity >400 L/min
Driving Type Magnetic
Impeller Number Multistage Pump
Working Pressure High Pressure Pump
Influent Type of Impeller Single Suction Pump
Position of Pump Shaft Horizontal Pump
Mounting Height Suction Centrifugal
Impeller Closed
Flow(Capacity) 0~600³/H
Head 0~800m
Temperature -50~ 450degrees Celsius
Pressure 2.5~10MPa
Power ~280kw
Transport Package Woodencase
Trademark Dalian Kehuan Pump
Origin Dalian, Liaoning, China
HS Code 8413709990
Production Capacity 600 PC/Year
Product Description
Product introduction
API685 Bb4 Multistage Magnetic PumpMultistage, single suction, between-bearings.*Foot-mounted structure or Centerline-supported structure.*The pump and motor are separated with standard normal motor, so the pump can be changed parts at site and needs not be returned factory.*The pump hydraulic model is from Europe with high efficiency. Two sets of hydraulic model is equipped at same outlet port. The flow range at BEP best efficiency point is wide.*Leakage-free is realized by static sealing gasket for all the sealing points and magnetic coupling driven. The nitrogen sealing is also not used, so the operation of pump is safe, economic and reliable.*The modular theory design makes compact structure, parts generalization and easy maintenance.*The magnet material is made of special rare earth alloy with demagnetizing temperature up to 450 Degrees Celsius through special technology. So the pumps are guaranteed 15 years of operation life;*The slide bearing material is high purity of 99% silicon carbide, and all the friction couples of bearing are high quality silicon carbide.*The pump standard confirms to API 610, API 685 etc.

Material:Carbonsteel; chromed steel; austeniticstainlesssteel; duplexsteel; Titanium and Titanium Alloys; Hastelloy C-276 and other special materials; It depends the customer's request
CasingCast steel316 AUSDUPLEXTiHAST C
Containment shellHastelloy C276Hastelloy C276Hastelloy C276Hastelloy C276Hastelloy C276
Inner magnet rotor304/SM2C017316/316/ SM2C017Ti /SM2C017HAST C/ SM2C017
Pump shaft12%CR316 AUS2205TiHAST C
Slide bearing304/SSIC316/SSIC316/SSICTi/SSICHAST C/SSIC
Containment shellThe containment shell is made fromHastelloy c-276formed by special technology without axial welding seam. So it ensures the sealing and chemical stability for containment shell.The double layer of containment shell functions reliable double protection. It will be alarmed when the first layer of containment shell is leaked while the medium is still completely sealed without any leakage.Slide bearingThe material of slide bearing is made from 97.5% purity rate of silicon carbide (SSIC),The working life of the wear resisting and high strength material is 10 times of normal silicon carbide baring and carbon bearing.Ball bearingThe ball bearing is NSK or SKF bearings.Lubrication: Grease or Oil, It depends the customer's request.Magnetic materialThe magnet material of Kehuan magnetic pump is permanent-magnet alloy with unidirectional temperature up to 450oc. It is a medium to pass on the moment of torsion in magnetic driven pump. It guaranteed a wide operating range and is highly resistant against demagnetization.
Company profile
Established in 2002 ,DalianKehuan Pump. is leading manufacturer on pump design and manufacture that meet the most exacting quality requirements.DalianKehuanPump has two plants,one is manufacturing as sembly and testplants, anotheri spacking and delivery workshop.Plants coversan area of 20,000 squaremeters ,and the workshop covers an area of 12000 squaremeters, office building covers an area of 3000 squaremeters.
Technical capability-Team leaders have more than 30 years of rich experience in researching ,designing and manufacturing pumps.-we have an excellent technical team to design and develop new products. So we can provide a strong technical support for you.-The products are designed with the help of CAD systerm,solideworks,CFD analsys.-Our major products are in the compliance with the standards of API610,API685, ANSI,ISO,DIN,HI,etc.-To fulfill the requirement of our customers we customize our pumps by adopting new design.-Perfect and mature technologic process.-We have a advanced computer assisted testing system to hold the product quality.Manufacturing capabilitySystematic solutions for pump manufacturing process: pattern marking, component machining,Pump assembling, performance testing,painting and packing.Workshop area 12000m2,Max.lifting weight 10 tons,Max.lifting height10m.Production equipment and capability Through with relocation and modification , our company invested in an umber of high- tech and high performance production equipment,with nearly 60 various machines including high precision CNC machines and numerical control machines,the facilities are able to meet all machining requirement of partsand components for small & large pumps.The reasons why we did not choose a canned motor pump and chose a magnetic pump mainly consider several aspects:1. The magnetic pump has a flexible structure and has good interchangeability with ordinary centrifugal pumps.2. Convenient inspection and maintenance, low maintenance cost, and energy saving than canned motor pump.3. At present, domestic magnetic pumps cannot be used as large pumps. Foreign magnetic pumps account for much higher proportions than canned motor pumps, so we need to reinforce them.
Metallic magnetic drive seal-less pumpsNon-metallic magnetic drive seal-less pumpsCanned motor seal-less pumpsDouble mechanical seal pumps
  1. No leakage
  2. High design pressure
  3. No seal
  4. Low maintenance cost, easily maintenance.
  5. SSIC slide bearing,
  6. Long service life.
  7. Large internal gap, resistant to particles
  1. No leakage
  2. Low design pressure
  3. No seal
  4. Low maintenance cost, easily maintenance.
  5. SIC slide bearing,
  6. Lower service life.
  7. Small internal gap, not resistant to particles
  1. No leakage
  2. High design pressure
  3. No seal
  4. Higher maintenance cost,
Always need to return to factory for maintenance, long cycle.
  1. SSIC slide bearing
  2. Long service life.
  3. Small internal gap, not resistant to particles
  1. leakage
  2. High design pressure
  3. Complicated double mechanical and flushing plan.
  4. Higher maintenance cost,
Mechanical seal and rolling bearing, high maintenance frequency
  1. No slide bearings
  2. Long service life.
  3. Large internal gap, resistant to particles
First, there are a lot of South magnet pumps manufacture focus on PVDF magnetic pumps and low-standard metal magnetic pumps (design standards JB/T 7742 and HG/T 2730) .They are limited by their own capabilities and cannot cope with many working conditions. Second: Some joint ventures have not fully engaged in the development of magnetic pump. For example, H company, which has been in the Chinese market for many years, mainly promotes canned motor pumps in order to cater to the preferences of the Chinese market. The magnetic pump, which should have been vigorously developed, has not been updated for decades. Their magnetic pumps can only be used in simple working conditions which is less than 132kw.Kehuan pump must make a comprehensive breakthrough in the status quo of magnetic pumps (such as High power, High temperature, Mud, Easy vaporization, High melting point, etc.) Design framework: We use European advanced hydraulic model; Design standards according to American petroleum institute standard API685. High standard material application: Permanent magnet (Sm2Co17, Temp. -196~450ºC), Sliding bearing (SSIC), Containment shell(HC-276), Rolling bearing (SKF/NSK), Coupling (Wuxi Chuang ming) /German KTR), Electric motor (Nan yang/Jiamusi).We are well-known in domestic market because of our High quality products and reliable quality assurance system, high efficiency performance and excellent solutions.We also have long-term and stable cooperation with foreign customers. Like European, Russia, Chile, India and so on.

*If you have any questions about our products,please contact me as soon as possible at your convenience. Looking forward to your requiry.Thank you for your concern.