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Series Electric Diaphragm Pumps Water Pumps

Series Electric Diaphragm Pumps Water Pumps

DBY Series electric diaphragm pumps are driven by a cycloid pinwheel reducer: The double diaphragm pump is driven to rec
Basic Info
Model NO. DBY
After-sales Service 1 Year Warranty
Warranty All Life Service
Certification RoHS
Rated Current 16-21A
Voltage 380V
Material Cast Iron
Power Electric
Valve Body Type Diaphragm
Function Electronic Type
Diaphragm Material Nitrile Rubber
Performance Corrosion
Transport Package Standard Plywood
Specification ISO
Trademark Borra
Origin Wenzhou
HS Code 8413602901
Production Capacity 1000
Product Description
DBY Series electric diaphragm pumps are driven by a cycloid pinwheel reducer:

The double diaphragm pump is driven to reciprocate through the crankshaft slider mechanism so that the volume of the working chamber changes alternately to achieve continuous suction and discharge of liquid. At the same time, due to the progress made in diaphragm material and technology in recent years, the life of the diaphragm has been relatively ideal, so it is more and more widely substituted for some centrifugal pumps and screw pumps to be used in petrochemical, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries. The pump is suitable for low-pressure working conditions, that is, occasions where the outlet pressure is less than or equal to 3kgf/cm2.
Performance range1. Operating temperature: If the pump body is made of cast iron, the temperature of the conveyed medium is less than or equal to 100°C; aluminum alloy material is less than or equal to 80°C; stainless steel material is less than or equal to 150°C; 2. Electric system: 3-phase/380V/50Hz (for other electric systems, please confirm with our company's technicians).

Feature :

1- Good passing performance, particles can reach 10 directly; 2- The pump itself has no shaft seal, and the service life is greatly prolonged. The material of the diaphragm is selected according to the nature of the medium, which can meet the needs of different users; 3- The flow part of the pump can be selected from cast iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel (201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel), rubber lining, fluorine lining, and other materials according to user requirements. The motor is divided into ordinary type, explosion-proof type, and adjustable Speed type.


Application :

1. Transport all kinds of strong acid, strong alkali, and strong corrosive liquid. 2. Transport all kinds of highly toxic, flammable, and volatile liquids.3. Convey all kinds of porcelain glaze slurry, cement grouting mortar slurry. 4. Convey various rubber latex, organic solvents and fillers. 5. Convey hops and baking powder slurry, syrup and molasses. 6. It can transport a higher temperature medium 150ºC. 7. Pump kimchi jam, mashed potatoes, chocolate, etc. 8. Pump paint, gum, paint binder. 9. As the front-stage pressure sending device of various filter presses. 10. Use a pump to clear the tanker and barge to absorb the sewage and remaining oil in the tank 11. Hot water recovery and circulation. 12. Oil tanker, oil depot, oil product loading, and unloading.13. Pump sewage and sediment in mines, tunnels, tunnels, and sewers. 14. Suction and delivery of various special media.

Technical Parameter :
Flow Up to 20 m3/h
HeadUp to 30 m
Speed Up to 1800 RPM
Power Up to 5.5 kW
Caliber DN10 - DN100

Borra Technology

Borra Technology co., Ltd., founded in 1995, owns a top-rank design, production, sales, and service team, and modern production lines, to manufacture various self-priming pumps, movable diesel pumps, diesel Self-Priming dirt drain pumps, diesel fire pumps units, diesel mini-pumps.


Certificate :

1. One year or 1000 working hours guarantee of the whole machine except for wear parts;2. Technical support by email the whole day;3. Calling service;4. User's manual available;5. Installation guide for clients from both China and abroad;6. Maintenance and replacement service;


Q1: Are you a reliable company?
A1: Bora is located in Wenzu, a beautiful city in Zhejiang Province, China. we have many years of manufacturing experience,
we can supply all types of fire protection solutions, Drainage and sewage solution, and other pump products.
We have an independent factory and trade office.

Q2: how to deliver the portable diesel water pump
A2: We can offer our equipment by containers or bulk ship.

Q3: How to pay for the portable Diesel water pump?
A3: We can accept T/T, L/C and soon

Q4: why choose borra company?
A4: We have an independent factory and foreign trade office. so we can design high-quality portable generators
and water pumps according to clients requirements and our price is reasonable.

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